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Dog Boarding Facility in Germantown, MD

Vacations with the whole family are truly fun, but hotels, resorts, and cruise ships don’t always welcome four-legged family members.

If you’re looking for a reliable, safe, and friendly dog boarding facility in the Germantown, MD, area, contact Pooches Park. We’ll be happy to look after your pet while you’re away.

Why Choose Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding has several advantages over asking a family member or friend to visit the house and feed your dog. Your friends have their own schedules to keep, which means they may not be able to feed, walk, or play with your dog at the times your dog is used to. Inconsistency like this can stress out a dog, and stress can lead to bathroom problems and bad moods.

When you board your dog at a professional facility like Pooches Park, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog will be safe and cared for — and that they’ll have plenty of opportunities to play and get those wiggles out.

Why Pooches Park?

At Pooches Park, we have a large, fenced outdoor yard for dogs to play in. All our playtime is fully supervised to keep the dogs happy and safe, and your dog will enjoy socializing with the other dogs who are staying with us — which is a valuable skill for any dog to have.

If your large dog is a rough playmate, or if your small dog doesn’t like big friends, you don’t need to worry. Large and small dogs can be separated for playtime, and all of our dogs have separate sleeping areas.

We have no time limits on how long your dog can stay with us — whether you are gone for a day or a month, we’ll keep them safe and happy until your return.

To learn more about our dog boarding facility in Germantown, MD, or to make a reservation, give us a call at (301) 972-9000.